BE Tanned

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Product Details

BE Tanned the sun fun range with a NEW style of sunless tanning products designed to help you safely achieve that summer only natural glow we all want. BE TANNED will provide you with a long lasting golden tan, without the usual chemical NASTIES that cause skin sensitisation, dryness that leads to photosensitivity . No nasty artificial fragrances, just pure lemongrass essential oils to move your senses to an exotic summer holiday location.

BE TANNED Product Guarantee

BE TANNED does not rub off on your clothes and the developed colour of the tan does not wash off, but fades away gradually, just like a natural tan would. It’s not tested on animals as the range contains no harmful ingredients that require animal testing. It needs only be applied once a week (with optional top ups with BE TANNED Show Glow), and best of all, the unique formula stops “tanorexics” from going overboard! You can only produce your own skin’s natural tan tones with BE TANNED. Add Extenda Defenda(review full list of products here) the oil free moisturiser to the mix and you can ensure a more even longer lasting tan. There’s even a professional only spray tan available without inhaling all the NASTIES, called Pro Glow.

BE TANNED dosen't use any chemical absorbers (a class ingredient currently been banned in all sunscreen products around the world to achive a 2-3 hour drying time with your spray tan. WARNING a 2-3 hour drying time before you wash your spray application off is not natural - it's just another 'NASTIE'.

If It’s Nasty, It’s Not Going In!

Botanical Extracts’ non-inclusion policy means that BE TANNED doesn’t contain the usual chemical ‘NASTIES’ (going right back to the raw ingredient supplier) that are currently used in most professional and mass-market sunless tanning products.

Botanical Extracts has spent the past five years developing and testing formulas with a very strict “door policy” when it comes to the ‘NASTIES’. Barred ingredients include parabens, sulphates, sulphonates or derivatives, MITs, ALL artificial fragrances, lanolin, isopropyl myristate, formaldehyde or donors, diazolidinyl urea, coal tar ingredients, silicones, mineral oils, animal by-products. Ask yourself right now, do I really want top use sunless tanning products that contain all these 'NASTIES'.