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What is Bliss Stone?

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The use of stones on and around the body as a healing tool has been popular throughout history. Stones have been used in the ceremony and treatments by the ancient races dating back as far as the Incas in South America, the Egyptians and the Chinese. The Native American Indians also have a very special place in their culture for the use of the stones, identifying with these stones as “The Stone Clan People”. They honour and respect these stones as part of Mother Earth and know that the gift of healing given from these stones is sacred and deserves the highest thanks and integrity when using them. The stones used are millions of years old that for most of that time have been buried deep in the layers of the earth.

Bliss Stone Therapy traditionally uses a combination of massage, thermotherapy (the alternate application of hot and cold temperatures), energy work and healing. The stones can also be used with a myriad of bodywork modalities such as:

• Aromatherapy Massage

• Deep-Tissue Work

• Reflexology

• Facials and Waxing

• Manicures and Pedicures

• Remedial Massage

• Relaxation Therapy and Meditation

In fact one’s imagination is the only limiting factor in the use of the stones.

Bliss Stone Therapy has the ability to bring to the body a profound sense of balance and peace, each person receiving this balance in their own unique way. For instance, if one’s system is sluggish, then this type of treatment will assist in opening and clearing the eliminative pathways to stimulate the system and increase energy levels. If one is stressed, unsettled or cold then the outcome of this treatment would be to feel much more ‘grounded’ and calm, safe and warm. This treatment is balancing not only to the physical body, but settling to the mind, emotions and the spirit.