Skin Care By Botanical Extracts that extends THE CLOCK OF LIFE

Here is the scientific background to the Botanical Extracts product philosophy and development, that cell longevity is the key to ageless beauty and not the industry mantra of accelerated cell renewal. In this philosophy, Botanical Extracts stands apart from the current industry action. The short term, visibly apparent benefits achieved from the use of free acids, acidic solutions, both latent and harsh chemical ingredients and the more wilful cell destructive mechanisms like IPL, laser or radiation processes in general and derma-brasion, all poison and shorten the healthy life cycle of the cell.

The governing research presents an irrefutable argument that cell nutrition, and cell protection should be the future direction of the beauty industry. It’s really very simple - there isn’t a cell in the body that will reproduce more than 50-70 times (the majority and all skin cells a maximum of 50 times) after differentiation from stem cell, and when it’s 50 times are finished, it will cease to exist. In the case of skin, as cells are forced to work harder to counter the effects of constant cell aggression in the outer layers and within, Keratinocytes (that are the cells that make up the epidermis) are the Mother cells (not to be confused with repair cells, sometimes loosely called adult skin stem cell) for future reproduction and daughter cells for cell sacrifice with every division. Likewise, cells in the dermis layer, Fibroblasts which produce the collagen and elastin fibers, have to reproduce more frequently with stress and dermal damage. In a normal lifetime there will be density losses of up to a 60% by the age of 60. The skin becomes thinner, fills with lipids (fat) between the remaining cells and looks and acts the way older skin does.

The fact of this outcome for future generations has now been given the scientific imprimatur of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in Oct 2009, in recognition of the science of Telomeres, as the Clock of Life in the aging of human cells.

So, who doesn’t expect to live well past the age of 60? Then, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO ACCELERATE THIS PROCESS? Botanical Extracts products are formulated to provide exactly the opposite outcome.

The supporting science particularly recognizes the need for protection of the skin cells not only from environmental factors, chemical overdosing and wilful destruction but even the insidious metabolism of the body’s own used cells that have released any of the 3 known free radicals deeply, to destroy the future reproductive processes.

Protection from premature cell destruction due to any and all of the following factors is the key to Ageless Beauty.

  1. Deliberate destruction/mutation of cells through the application of Nasties (publicised bad chemicals) is just absurd, when it’s only a matter of diligence and price.
  2. Environmental Damage, UV, wind, air-conditioning and even visible light are the next and most obvious problems to solve.
  3. Self regulating hydration to maintain a constant natural moisturising effect (NME), including the correction of many years of smothering the skin with occlusive ill-conceived products that have to compensate for their own inappropriate chemical concoctions.
  4. Correction and supplementation for the lack of or incorrect nutrition available through the nutrient supply to cells, to allow them to be the best they can be and to promote their healthy reproduction is the next.
  5. Oxidational, nitrogenal, carbonal stress, the 3 known free radical destructors that lead to enzymatic interference in the reproductive cycles of nearby healthy cells, represent the more difficult levels where proactive cell longevity needs to be addressed to slow the mutation of age, through further premature destruction of cells.
  6. The restoration of health function to free radical impaired DNA cells and protection from the bodies own sugar cycle which causes the glycation damage from within.
  7. Of course, wilful acts of destruction like peels, laser and dermabration are even more difficult to understand in the light of the highly conclusive, well tested and documented evidence on the life time limitations of the skin cell reproduction cycle.

Botanical Extracts has successfully embodied solutions to all of the above problems in each successive generational formula and packaging developments over the last 10 years. Through its modular use of different ingredients, bio-medical research and applied technologies from around the world, each successive product release from Botanical Extracts has bought with it more results, while maintaining or philosophical point of difference. Much like building an application for a computing program (final result), libraries of individually developed software (ingredients) are formulated into an operating system (buffered carrier bases) to deliver a complete holistic product. (providing 5-10 specific outcomes for each application, without conflicts)