The Evolution of the Botanical Extracts product range.

Gen. 1. 1999: Originally formulated to provide the most pure of plant extracts in natural base, relying on the science of Aroma Therapy, without animal testing or animal- by products (the start of the BE Non-Inclusion Policy).

Gen. 2. 2002: 3 separate skin classifications developed to move the products accuracy into the prescription only class.

Gen. 3. 2003: All artificial colours and fragrances removed to eliminate any skin sensitising.

Gen. 4. 2005: Complete reformulating of all products to replace the growing list of ingredient concerns, such as Parables, Sulphates, Lanolin’s, and MIT’s, in fact 10 industry standard ingredients or their derivatives. I.e. stop the nasties.

Gen. 5. 2006: Environmental Protector introduced using patented (bound = safe) Nano Technology to deliver all day protection from all the environmental factors.

Gen. 6. 2007: Range preservative system further upgraded to a TGA licensed pharmaceutical grade system, (still a non Parable) All base ingredients audited back to originally manufacturing process to ensure compliance with the BE Non Inclusion Policy. A 4th skin classification created to completely cover all skin conditions.

Gen. 7. 2008: New airless delivery packaging introduced to further reduce preservative presence, stabilise actives levels during jar use life and prevent atmospheric cross contamination and oxidation. Advanced new peptides and liposometechnology introduced with collaboration from European laboratories, in a (bound) Nano delivery system to layer actives through the Dermis. An SPF30 sunscreen without chemical absorbers released, with a TGA Aust License #.

Gen. 8. 2009: Target Serums and Serum Care products reformulated to provide Botanical Extracts Poly Radical Scavenging (PRS), to actually neutralise all 3 of the known free radicals, ie Stop the old nasties. Introduction ofBE Actives Accelerator single use patches for home use. Launch BE ElectroPoration (BEEP) and Dermal Infusion Spray delivery systems(patents applied for) for professional delivery of actives to the deepest layers of the skin without cell destruction. Again, the focussed application of science from the leading edge of research acknowledge for it’s particular and unique effects on the skin and cell permeability with the awarding of the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 2003. BE DyNAmic Repair and Protection, and BE Dermal Infusion Sprays are brands names that have also be trademarked to protect their inherent use in the applied for patent of this delivery system.

What’s Next: To actually reverse the clock of cell life itself and restore the DNA to its most youthful embodiment with each successive reproduction, as it repopulates the dermis with more new cells than it sheds from expired cells. Botanical Extracts believe this is the wholly grail of cell longevity, of skin care. This has been our goal since 2005.

Gen. 9 2010: The Magic Bullet: It is the last of the “Clock of Life” shorteners that we launched. The solution is undeliverable to others in this industry without the (bound) Nano encapsulation and patented delivery technology that BE has pioneered in its skincare products over the last 5 years. Botanical Extracts has created a series of products and a Dermal Infusion Spray that will deliver to the deepest of levels of the Dermis, a plant derived extract known as a Telomerase Activator, to prolong cellular longevity to unprecedented levels.

Conclusive testing of this extremely rare and expensive plant extract from a valley in Northern China (where people have defied the odds to live for over 120 years of age regularly) have been shown to activate the P53 gene and produce an enzyme that stimulates telomereregrowth during cell reproduction. This then extends the protection of the DNA for each cell beyond the usual “50 (absolute maximum 70) only uses” which is all any and every skin cell can do. Cells treated this way can be extended up to 400 and beyond reproductions of youthful, perfect DNA. Truly the elixir of life for all cells, but previously undeliverable without BE patented technology, this well documented and understood technology becomes results achievable through a topically applied, trans-dermally delivered and chelated release of the telomerase activator in BE Generation 9 Skincare products.

No different in formulation to all the other active plant extracts, liposomes and enzymes BE uses, this is extracted from nature, a Chinese herbal plant known for 2000 years as the “Chi Plant” or life force plant, but delivered as no other skin care company can. While none of this cell cycle science is new, having first been discovered in 1961, BE has been reluctant to overtly promote this until the project has been completed and is in the field delivering its results, as history clearly shows mis publicity is used to attack proven science which challenges fiction, such as the current duping of women with the majority of the beauty industry practices and products.

The BE products and practices have created a definite line in the sand by which all other products and practices will be discounted. Here is some supportive and scientific information, we have much, much more. Please have a think whether you want to be part of the next generation of skin care practices with Botanical Extracts, as the average age expectation continues to extend for all of us, with our use of our existing irreplenishable resource of youthful skin cells.