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Q. What are the BE active ingredient complexes used in BEEP treatments?

A. BE trademarked active ingredient complexes are unique and include professional only exclusive ingredients. Each advanced active complex is individually buffered in the BE bound nano delivery system, for safe, chelated release.

Ingredient complexes in all BE Dermal Infusion Sprays™(DIS)


BE DyNAmic Repair & Protect ™ (not available in any of the retail ranges)shown to reverse the effects of UVA induced DNA skin damage and is able to promote the DNA repair system, allowing corrected reproduction of previous enzymatically damaged cells and providing a complete skin protection from the intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Designed to protect native collagen from Glycation and further inhibit vimentin glycation to protect the 3-d structural requirement of biomolecules , allowing increased purity of new collagen reproduction.

BE Poly Radical Scavenging™(at professional strength is at 2-3 times the concentration of the retail ranges) powerful actives to help prevent skin cell damage produced by either Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Reactive Carbonyl Species (RCS), and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) all of which are the known (free) radicals that cause severe skin breakdown by interfering with the reproduction of neighbouring healthy skin cells. This is a process that increase with age, which the body cannot naturally defend itself against.

BE Supernano which is used to buffer the individual actives and bind the tiniest of molecules into a balanced advanced delivery system for multi-layer delivery and a monitored time release of actives.

BE Superlift ™ is known to increase the number of hemidesmosomes to strengthen the adhesion at the dermo-epidermal junction. As we age, this adhesion is reduced, leading to a loss of elasticity and an impaired transfer of nutrients between the dermis and the epidermis. This complex has been shown to help to restructure and redensify the skin and increase cutaneous density.

BE Supercollagen this complex promotes the youthful structure of the skin in three ways. It increases collagen synthesis of collagen type I, III and IV, it stabilises and uniforms collagen fibrils, preventing cross linking and its anticollagenase activity protects collagen from enzymatic degradation and avoids excessive collagen damage in aged skin.

BE Supermoist to provide a linear cell, non occlusive, moisture retention layer that allows the skin to manage its own moisture level needs.

BE HyLo Hydrate is a complete balance of ultra low and high molecular weightSodium Hyaluronate for the deepest penetration between the micro aquaporins to allow the attraction of moisture to fill those spaces with a drink to plump deflated skin cells and also retain the body’s own moisture just below the skin. Works synergistically with BE Supermoist.

Ingredient complexes in specific BE DIS

BE Relaxsafe is a complex specific to the Relax and Fill DIS that causes the bio electrical connection through the nerve snap to be relaxed, reducing the pre–expression line response from showing up creased frown lines and their associated wrinkles, without killing the nerve with a Botolinium Toxin

BE Superbright is a complex specific to the Pigment and Brighten DIS that inhibits the formation of hyper pigmentation and age induced spots, while evening out the tone of the skin and brightening it’s appearance. It’s ingredients uniquely maintain cell viability even after treatment for hyper pigmentation.

BE Supernourish is a complex specific to the Plump & Hydrate DIS

BE Superlift is a complex specific to the Firm & Contour DIS

BE Cellutone is a complex specific to the Smooth & Tone DIS

BE Removesafe is a complex specific to the Remove & Blend DIS

BE Restart is a complex specific to the Revitalise and Rewind DIS (release TBAL)

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